Let’s Talk Digital

Collecting & Connecting Dots

We create cleaver websites that exactly meet your business needs.

I’m Ramandeep Sibia! Web developer, Project Manager & a Mum. 

I’ve spent over 10 years as a professional web developer with an extensive ‘corporate’ background.


Are you wondering how on earth can I help YOU in YOUR BUSINESS?

In a very basic nutshell – I create cleaver websites that actually convert.

‘Creating website for you business can be tricky, am I right?

It shouldn’t be that hard – you have a great product or service, and you know everything there is to know about what you offer.

Yet, If you can’t clearly communicate as to who you are, what you do and how you can help someone, all your attempts at putting it all together, end up that they certainly aren’t selling!

No matter how good your services or your products might be, they just won’t sell themselves. It’s crucial to create website that resonates with your potential prospects and your personality because  ‘personality pays’. 

Which is where I come in.

To help you create a great website that tend to work the magic, inspire and ultimately – sell!

And taking the stress and uncertainly off your hands; you can get back to doing what you’re passionate about i.e your serving your customers!

If all that sounds fantastic, it’s time to take some inspired action.

Feel free to send me a message at hello@letstalkdigital.com.au and let’s get your website and sales pages, your blog or podcast and your emails selling whilst you sleep…


Ramandeep Sibia