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I’m Raman. And I have years of experience in building quality, customized websites across multiple platforms. I know all about the technicalities of User Interface and User Experience design.

But it’s not just the technical side that I’m good at. It’s the strategy.

As Rick Wise says “Brands are powerful assets for creating desire, shaping experience, and shifting demand.

I can help you bring your brand strategy to life so you can start making sales, fast. Without confusion and without overwhelm.

It starts with understanding what your customers want (both from their left and right brain perspective), your business values, your services/ product delivery process, your color scheme, design essence, UVP so that you have a brand strategy around which all your communications, behaviors, actions and marketing revolves.

Considering ‘how your customers think’ is such an important part of the design process based on cognitive biases and mental models designed for memory.

If you got fire in your belly and a mission to pursue! And that requires a website that is as unique as you?
A professional website that works. A strategy that brings in sales. I connect all those little digital dots – to make sure your business succeeds.

Who do I work with?

  • For entrepreneurs who want to stand out

Your website isn’t meant to be like everyone else’s. And it sure can be disheartening when you keep coming across the same old designs.

You’ve got fire in your belly and a mission to pursue! And that requires a website that is as unique as you.

  • For business owners who truly care about their customers experience

At Let’s Talk Digital, it’s all about the experience. We aim to make your customer journey as smooth and delightful as quality, tightly woven silk.

Your website will be designed to suit their needs without forcing them to fit into a template.

Because real people aren’t templates. They’re intricate, complex, yet insanely simple – all at the same time.

  • For those ‘emerging entrepreneurs’ who are just starting out

We love supporting start-ups, emerging brands and newbie entrepreneurs.

We can help you establish an incredible brand identity and bring your vision to life.

We can give you the best start to your new business venture.

What I can do for you?

Branding & Brand Identity

I plan out your website, your strategy and nail down your branding.

Website Development

I get to work building your beautifully customised website.

Marketing Strategy

I implement tactics designed to attract leads, nurture relationships and convert sales.

Training & Support

I provide full training and support so you can feel confident in your tech and strategy going forward.

Your brand strategy, make your business a powerful magnet to get customers.

A stunning, unique website that fits your personality and brand  AND the strategy and foresight to ensure it’s not just built for you, but for your customers that is designed to be customer-friendly, extremely usable and most importantly - to convert your traffic into actual sales.

What they say

Dr Louise Mahler

Keynote Speaker of the Year: Leadership body-language and voice expert | Speaker | Executive Coach | Media commentator | Author | Brand Ambassador

“Ramandeep is clearly a highly qualified and capable digital developer and consultant. She worked with me on my website and strategies and understood every aspect of the work.”

Jeff Bowtell

Director Co Founder of Fed IT I Tekskin I Service Express I Notebook Depot

“Ramandeep is definitely one of the most hardworking and cheerful people I have worked with. Her analytical skills and ability set a very fine example of the kind of professional she is.

I have personally worked with her across many projects and have always found her game to be top class.”

Ibrahim Habbal

Senior Developer at FoodLegal

“I worked on multiple projects with Ramandeep and in every single one of them, Ramandeep excelled and managed to go above and beyond.
I learned a great deal just by being her colleague. Thank you for everything.”

Dr Amanda Xiaoqing Mao

BPharm, PhD | Scientific Project Management | Medical Writing | Medical Translation | China CER

“Raman has helped me fix some newsletter backend issues; and after that, it has been mobile-friendly among other improvements. I’m grateful for her support in enhancing user experience for my audience.

Raman not only did an excellent job, but I also found her to be professional and pleasant to work with. I wish her continued success in her business and career!”

Lets Talk Digital With Raman

Get in touch to bring your brand strategy to life so you can start making sales, fast. Without confusion and without overwhelm.


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